Nikon D90 Fun

Copyright: Christian Fitzpatrick
Kamera: Nikon D90
Dauer: 0:36 min

Just a little clip made up of footage from a recent shoot undertaken by the PropVid team on the Gold Coast. All shot on the Nikon D90 Digital SLR/HD hybrid by Brett Clements. Edited and graded by me in FCS2. Got the footage straight off the camera. Conformed to 25P in After Effects to ensure it played nice in the same timeline as our other 1080P footage from the EX1/3. Ran an unsharp mask on it to clean it up a little, this helped the clarity a lot, then exported to ProRes HQ figuring it wouldn't degrade the footage much further. Slapped into Final Cut, cut it and then sent it to Apple Color where I pushed the absolute balls out of it, possibly too much in some places, but this was to test the possibilities. No doubt you can see where the CC pushed the footage a little too far and it started to break down. Mainly because I was trying to grade the golden sand to white sand. The H.264 and then the Vimeo compression hurt it a bit further. My take on it all? This is a nice camera, let down by it's weak intraframe JPEG compression and ridiculous rolling shutter. But as you can see, with a little work it is capable of some nice images.