60 FPS Video Sample

Copyright: Cliff DesPeaux
Website: http://vimeo.com/despeaux
Kamera: Canon 1D Mark IV
Objektiv: Canon 400mm 2.8 L
Dauer: 1:40 min
Video-URL: http://www.vimeo.com/8005115
HD-Tube: Vimeo.com

Earlier today I shot high school football championships at the Tacoma Dome with a pre-production Canon 1D Mark IV. Here is some sample video clips, shot at 60FPS and slowed down. Look in the upper-left corner to see the playback speed. The lens was a Canon 400mm 2.8 at ISO 5000. Also, please check out this video, which is actually converted properly: vimeo.com/8163730. Thanks to the commenters below for pointing the problem out.